Satori lamp for odesi

daniel hulsbergen
Photography by odesi

Satori lamp was designed by Daniel Hulsbergen for the Dutch design brand odesi. He took inspiration from his childhood when he used to build model gliders. That’s why he used only light and very strong materials to create the beautiful lamp you’ll see below. “I created a lamp with an interwoven construction that is surprisingly light. Because they are high-end materials they are naturally good looking, fit for most interiors”, says Hulsbergen.

The Satori has an inner and outer frame; both are octagons. The smaller inner frame is fully covered with the Oratex fabric to have similar effect as a lampshade. The outer frame only has 4 side covered, meaning the light will be divided and diffused further away into the room. The framework is made from Balsa wood, a specific tree that originates from Southern and Middle America.

Project information:
Designer: Daniel Hulsbergen
Project: Satori lamp
Location: The Netherlands


lamp for odesi

satori in the dark

From the inside, the Satori’s framework is beautifully lit.


from the top

detail of satori

Apart from their technical properties the materials were also chosen to feel refined.

detail of satori lamp

Courtesy of odesi

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